Jerry Blackwelder

Giant Bug Lab Exhibition Debuts at Discovery Place

For the first time in North America, giant bug models serve as tour guides while students learn how different types of insects live and their impact on human innovation. The Bug Lab is open daily at Discovery Place in Charlotte through May 5.

Your students will see massive three-dimensional detailed insect models including an Orchid Mantis, who searches her prey disguised as a beautiful flower, a Jewel Wasp that turns its victims into zombies and experience the incredible flight of the Dragonfly in the zoetrope, a spectacular 3D animation.

Students will really enjoy Bees vs. Hornets, where they become the bees defending their have from deadly hornets.

Dozens more interactive experiences give students the chance to test their reflexes, practice bug brain surgery, slide through the Bombardier Beetle or fly their origami butterfly in the Lab’s wind tunnel.

On April 27 the Lab will celebrate Arthropod Day with a big bug bonanza featuring expert entomologists from around the area.

The IMAX Dome Theater will be featuring Backyard Wilderness, revealing the unexpected natural delights to be found in our own neighborhoods.

Discounts are available for school groups of 15 or more. Reserve your spot in advance at or by phone at (704) 376-6261.


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